It’s about time for something super fun, inspiring and dream-creating. Something that will help us all move forward and upwards. To me, myConf is going to be exactly that. We (the speakers and attendees, everyone together) will discuss what I find most interesting and what I care most about: how we can solve our daily friction, as well as the world’s challenges. To find hope! All this, in a creative and crazy mess! :)

By design, a very broad line of subjects will be discussed. Software development thinking is ubiquitous, and it will all be in a “maximizing value” setting. A few examples:
- How to get broad adoption for disruptive ideas
- How to think new and execute exponentially regarding education
- How to accomplish more with less energy

The overall thing for the conference is that profitability doesn’t have to be in conflict with making the world better, but rather the opposite. If “doing good” is also the most profitable, it will happen!

Thanks to Aino Vonge Corry, Daniel Stenberg, Darja Smite, Aslam Khan, Elsa Westin, Erik Corry, Nyari Samushonga and Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek for helping out and for starting the discussions in May! :)


(Originally posted as a post on LinkedIn.)