Turning Torso

Maximizing value
for a better future

May 20-21, 2024
HighCourt, Malmö, Sweden

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This year, ideas about maximizing value come together in Malmö, Sweden!

myConf is a lunch-to-lunch single-track conference with three sit-down meals and eight world-class speakers in beautiful Malmö, Sweden.

24 hours of inspiration, learning, and thought-provoking discussions about business and software development that makes a difference.

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Our speakers

We will present eight world-class speakers here! Six down, two to go! Stay tuned.

Tamara Carleton

Tamara Carleton

Building a Moonshot Mindset

When should your team go bigger, and what are some ways to take visionary action? In this inspirational session, hear Tamara Carleton introduce the moonshot mindset and some ways for turning radical ideas into reality, drawing from her recent book Building Moonshots which the Financial Times described as "a much-needed resource for our era of uncertainty".

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James Lewis

James Lewis

How Flow Works

Have you ever thought about why what we see as the sensible defaults for software engineering in 2024 work? We adopt the key metrics from Accelerate, team structures from Team Topologies, and Microservices in an effort to improve the flow of value to our users. But what is Value? What is Flow? Come along and explore the weird world of how work works.

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April Wensel

April Wensel

Maximize Humanity with Compassion

With all the time we spend on machines, it’s easy to forget that we are human beings, and so are our collaborators and customers. In this talk, you’ll learn concrete steps for applying compassion to manage your stress levels, connect more deeply with your coworkers, create products that delight users, and ultimately leave a more positive impact on the world.

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Jan Bosch

Jan Bosch

Stop wasting your R&D budget! Start modeling value and experiment!

Research shows that current practices around product management and R&D are incredibly wasteful. In this talk, I present an alternative approach organized around quantitative modeling of value, experimental development approaches, and continuous monitoring of value delivered to customers in operational software.

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Susanne Kaiser

Susanne Kaiser

Optimizing for a fast flow of value with adaptive, socio-technical systems

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s essential for organizations to continuously adapt and evolve to remain competitive and stay relevant. This talk explores the synergy of Wardley Mapping, Domain-Driven Design (DDD), and Team Topologies as a holistic approach to building adaptive systems optimized for a fast, sustainable flow of value and feedback.

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Henric Johnson

Henric Johnson

Emerging industry and technologies of power

There is little doubt that geopolitics is tightening its grip on international business and R&D. In this talk, Henric will give a deeper understanding of what trends and insights companies and universities should take home in a world with global competition.

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20 May


Doors open


Day one starts with lunch.


Program w. speakers


Four world-class speakers to be announced.


Mingle and Drinks





21 May


Good morning!


Day two starts


Program w. speakers


Four world-class speakers to be announced.




Day two ends with lunch.

Reserve a spot

Who should come?

myConf is open to anyone. But our intended visitor is someone interested in exponential value creation by software development. Other conferences dig deeper into the latest, coolest, and most advanced technical stuff.


4000 SEK excluding VAT.

Included in the price

The price includes two sit-down lunches, a nice dinner, and two coffee breaks with "Swedish fika", and of course, the conference itself.

How to book

To book your ticket, please send an email to myConf@factor10.com and we will take it from there. And oh, we would like to see no more than five tickets per company to make sure we have a wide variety of representation. The reservation is binding (but you may change the person coming)!

Book before

We would like your reservation no later than Sunday, May 5. However, tickets might sell out sooner than that.


Code of conduct: a conference to come back to

In contrast to the name, myConf is our conference. We create the experience together, so let's make it one to remember with warmth, to be proud of and to want to come back to.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • All backgrounds and levels of knowledge matter. It's not a competition!

  • Want to ask a question? Great, we encourage that! Make sure it's a question and not your chance to voice your agenda.

  • Be on time for talks and turn your devices on silent.

Of course, the bottom line: we have zero tolerance for harassment, disrespect or bullying. Anyone violating this one will be asked to leave without a refund.

Answers to your questions

  1. HighCourt Malmö seen from across the canal

    The venue: HighCourt

    Address: Malmöhusvägen 12, Malmö (Google Maps Link)
    Phone: +46 40 6852110
    Email: info@highcourt.se

    HighCourt is a welcoming meeting space in an impressive building. It sits right on the edge of the canal, surrounded by the lush green of Kungsparken. On warm days you can enjoy your fika outside on the terrace. To one side you have the Renaissance castle Malmöhus, on the other the charming and narrow streets of Gamla Väster.

    HighCourt is situated in the building where the real High Court used to reside from 1917 up until 2009. In a time where democracy is increasingly threatened, we like the idea of holding myConf in a venue that was once used to uphold the democratic principle of equality before the law.

    HighCourt Malmö
  2. The Öresund Bridge

    Getting there

    We care about the planet. If you choose planet-friendly means of transportation, when possible, you have our eternal gratitude. With that said, here are some options:

    Train: the venue is a 13-minute walk, a 4-minute bike ride or a 4-minute taxi ride from Malmö Centralstation (Google Maps Link); taking the bus is probably not worth it since the nearest bus stop is halfway there. Within Sweden, you can find train tickets at sj.se.

    Plane: if you want to fly, the nearest airports are Malmö Airport (MMX) or Copenhagen Airport (CPH). Copenhagen Airport might be the most convenient option for most travellers, thanks to the railway via The Öresund Bridge. By taxi both airports are about 30-minutes away. To Malmö Airport, there are frequent airport buses.

  3. Hotel bathroom

    Recommended accommodations

    We recommend staying at the lovely city center hotel MJs. It's within 10-min walking distance from the venue. When you reserve your myConf spot, ask us for the code, and you will get a 15% discount when you book your stay at their website.

  4. Plates on a dining table

    The meals

    myConf includes two sit-down lunches, one nice dinner, and two coffee breaks with "Swedish/Danish fika". If you state your allergies or dietary restrictions when you book your tickets (before the "book before" date), the staff will do their best to accommodate them.

  5. factor10 logo

    Who are the hosts?

    myConf is hosted by factor10, a small consultancy of business-oriented coding architects in Sweden, supported by SERL Sweden ‒ Software Engineering Research and Education Lab Sweden (BTH), ranked no. 1 in the EU in Software Engineering research.

  6. Cecilia Justad

    Contact myConf

    This is Cecilia, or Cissi as she's called. She works at factor10, and she can help you answer most questions about myConf. If she doesn't know the answer, she will try and find out.

    Email: myConf@factor10.com
    Phone: +46708576496

    Cecilia Justad