I might come if there are interesting attendees, may I ask you to reveal those?

We’d love to tell you who’s coming since they are in many cases as interesting and famous as the speakers. Quite unique for a conference, we think. But we will of course not reveal who they are.

Do you allow consultants from other companies to come?

Of course! We want everyone who – like us – is interested in creating exponential value through business and software development to come.

Are you looking for sponsors?

No. We value our independence too much (just as we think of ourselves as tech-agnostic). We do co-host the conference with Blekinge Institute of Technology, but they’re not a commercial partner. They do however help us out with some top-notch speakers!

That said, you will “sponsor” the event if you attend and help us raise the energy level even further!

Why aren’t factor10-ers speaking?

We encourage our consultants to speak at other conferences around the globe. But for myConf, we focus on getting external influences instead to make it more interesting for ourselves as well as for our attending customers. And you are more than welcome to grab one of us for a chat in one of the many opportunities during the conference.

myConf is currently a small conference, do you want it to grow to 1000+ attendees?

No, we deliberately keep the number of attendees quite low. We often use phrases like “less is more” and “quality over quantity”, and we truly believe in that. There are plenty of great big conferences and we enjoy visiting many of them, but that’s just not myConf.

Is myConf a new revenue stream for factor10?

No, but it’s definitely a ”stream of fun” and that’s the purpose of myConf for us.