In essence, we have designed myConf to be interesting to ourselves. That is, to techies (coding architects in our case) with a big interest in business. We stand on solid ground regarding tech and learn fast about our clients’ businesses since we find it crucial in order to create value. Recognize yourself in this description? Then go ahead and reserve your ticket!

However, the opposite is also true. If you stand on solid ground regarding business and believe it’s important for you and your business to interest yourself in software development, you are also a perfect match!

Of course, you should definitely reserve a ticket if you are specifically interested in one of the topics our world-class speakers will delve into, for example, bleeding edge AI, moonshots, or how flow works. As a side-effect, you might also find yourself discovering and learning about a few new topics that you knew less about before.

Finally, if you are passionate about discussing how we can maximize value creation and how that can increase our chances of success with a democratic and sustainable society, please don’t hesitate to book!

We hope this made things clearer and that we will see you at myConf 2024!