It was not an obvious decision to arrange myConf 2024; it has just been half a year since last. But after some discussions, we realized the most obvious reason we should do it: because we want to!

So, without further ado, we hereby present myConf 2024, which will be held May 20-21 in Malmö, Sweden. Save the date!

What is myConf?

myConf is an intimate lunch-to-lunch single-track conference with three sit-down meals and eight world-class speakers in beautiful Malmö, Sweden. There will be 24 hours of inspiration, learning, and thought-provoking discussions about software development that make a difference.

There is much more work to be done. Venue, speakers and practical details will be announced in due time. Make sure to check out the website from time to time and follow factor10 on LinkedIn to not miss any announcements. You can also send us an email at, and we will let you know when tickets are released to ensure you get your spot!

We'll see you in Malmö in May!

Until then, visit the myConf 2023 website and enjoy some captured memories from myConf Karlskrona below.

Entrance of the Marinamuseum

Guest discussions

Aino Vonge presenting at myConf 2023

Nizar by the audio booth

Daniel Stenberg presenting at myConf 2023

Cissi outdoors with drinks

Aslam Khan presenting at myConf 2023

Jimmy Nilsson giving a toast

myConf participants having dinner together

close up of an appetizer on a white plate

Aslam Khan engaged in group discussions at dinner

Buildings by the river at sunset

Small boats next to a white building

Nyari Samushonga presenting at myConf 2023

Erik Corry presenting at myConf 2023

Elsa Westin presenting at myConf 2023

Darja Smite presenting at myConf 2023