As usual, there are a couple of different reasons why we chose Malmö for myConf 2024.

Last year, when myConf took place in Karlskrona, a couple of long-distance visitors said it was nice to get the chance to see other parts of Sweden than Stockholm. They also said that although Karlskrona was nice, they still wished for myConf to move to a different location the next year so they got to see something else.

Since myConf is arranged by factor10, and we all work remotely from different places in the southern part of Sweden (at the time of writing), a practical reason for choosing Malmö was that it’s a good spot for us geographically.

Another practical reason was that Malmö, thanks to its proximity to the Copenhagen airport (CPH), is easily accessible for travelers from all around the world.

Yet another reason for our choice is that Malmö, just like Karlskrona, is a maritime town and the marine world is something we at factor10 feel a strong connection to. There are several reasons for this: we have long-term customer relationships in the marine world, we all happen to live close to marine environments, and, on a higher level, marine life is of great importance to all of us not the least because of their ability to consume CO2.

But above all else, we think Malmö is a very nice city to visit in the Spring.