1. The “my” in myConf sounds like “maj”, the Swedish word for May, which makes sense since we’re running myConf in May.
  2. The "my" in myConf stands for "micro" which describes the format of the conference. There are many good, large conferences with something like seven parallel tracks and thousands of attendees. But myConf, being a micro-conference, offers a different experience. Since there’s only one track, everyone will have listened to the same talks which makes discussions between presentations richer. Since there is a maximum of 100 attendees, you keep bumping into the same people which makes it easier to leave with a few new friends who share your interests. Since three nice sit-down meals are included, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to all the speakers. And finally, since it’s lunch-to-lunch the conference won't crash a full work week.
  3. Someone involved with myConf once had a folder on their computer called “myconf”. It probably meant “my configs”, but we all felt that was a sign.
  4. myConf is short for “my conference”. Yes, it’s your conference. And mine. And all the other attendees'. We all create the myConf experience together.

There you have it. Four different answers to the question “Why is myConf called myConf?” Which one’s your favorite? And which one do you think is the real reason?