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Maximizing your context – Aslam Khan at myConf 2023

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About Aslam

Aslam Khan is an African by birth and a software developer by choice. An entrepreneur, author, presenter, and coach. His career spans three decades of building businesses, architecting software solutions, and raising high-performing software teams.

The talk

Maximizing your context

Have you ever wondered why some people make the most of a situation? The same question applies to companies, communities and even countries. I have tried to answer this question by looking at my own life and work - the circumstances under which I made decisions that worked out better or worse. And I tried to answer the question again for people with whom I have interacted over a significant period. There is something about maximising the variables in specific contexts that leads to success. In this talk, I share my thoughts on maximising the context in which we find ourselves, and when we do so, we maximise value for others too.

A few words about the speaker

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

Aslam Khan has been a good friend of mine for fifteen years. We share several large areas of interest in the software development business, such as XP, DDD and ToC. But he also knows so much about stuff I didn't even understand I was unaware of.

Sometimes there are a few months between chats, most often two weeks. No matter what, he always brings something new and for me very interesting to the table when we meet.

When I asked Aslam to come and speak at myConf, guess what? A new line of thinking and a new area for me... Don't miss out, inspiration guaranteed!