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just curl it – Daniel Stenberg at myConf 2023

Watch the video: just curl it – Daniel Stenberg at myConf 2023

About Daniel

The second speaker to be announced, with pleasure on our behalf is Daniel Stenberg, the founder and lead developer of the curl project. He is an open source software developer, actively participating in several networking-related projects. He has worked on HTTP implementations for over twenty-five years, been involved in the IETF for fifteen years and worked on the HTTP stack in Firefox for several years at Mozilla. Daniel is the author of the widely read documents "HTTP2 explained" and "HTTP/3 explained". He was awarded the Polhem Prize in 2017. Employed by wolfSSL. When not in front of a computer, Daniel likes to play floorball and spend time with his family.

The talk

just curl it

curl is a ubiquitous Internet transfer engine. An open source client-side library for doing internet transfers specified as URLs. Created for the fun of it in the 1990s, it has gradually found its way into virtually all Internet-connected devices on the globe. "The created economic value cannot be overstated". How did this happen?

A few words about the speaker

Originally published on LinkedIn.

If the creator of curl could have a grain of rice each time curl is used, that would mean… a looot of rice! We are super happy to have the curl-guy on board, welcome Daniel Stenberg!

What is the value of curl? Probably most users would find it cheap to pay a grain of rice for each use... We’ll talk more about a value calculation, the effects and a lot of other things related to curl on myConf!