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Sustainability by Design – Elsa Westine at myConf 2023

Watch the video: Sustainability by Design – Elsa Westine at myConf 2023

About Elsa

Elsa Westin is IT Sustainability Lead, at Scania and Co-Founder of Gaia Generation. She is also the winner of Stora Ingenjörspriset in Sustainability 2022.

The talk

Sustainability by Design

An application, IT system or website is considered DIRTY if sustainability has not been taken into consideration when building and running them. To lower the climate footprint from data and IT systems, we need to empower the ones creating these systems: the software developers.

A few words about the speaker

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

I believe that we with exponential leverage can deal with the climate challenges. Great software development is one of the key ingredients for making it possible. That said, we need to take care of our own house also. The fast growing demand of more software results in the fact that the software industry is consuming more and more electricity, and therefore emitting more and more CO2e emissions.

Elsa Westin will in her talk at myConf explain how you easily and quickly can optimize for the climate when building and running software. As Goldratt said, “Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave”.

Measure what is really important because if you can’t measure it then you can’t improve it. When we understand what is causing emissions from software, then we better know how and where we can start optimizing for climate and energy efficiency. That is how we optimize for climate from our own systems on the road to being the solution for helping the world.