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Investing in the Next Generation of Tech Talent – Nyari Samushonga at myConf 2023

Watch the video: Investing in the Next Generation of Tech Talent – Nyari Samushonga at myConf 2023

About Nyari

Nyari Samushonga is the CEO of WeThinkCode, a South African tech academy in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town. As an Entrepreneur and Tech Executive, Nyari is passionate about seeing Africa take its place as a maker of cutting-edge technology. In her role as CEO of WeThinkCode_ she has driven effective initiatives to scale the organization's impact.

A Chartered Accountant, Nyari has previously operated as the Managing director of ThoughtWorks Africa, a global software development consultancy subsidiary, and a Manager in Deloitte's audit and assurance division in Harare and New York. Born in Zimbabwe, she also lived and worked in Tanzania. She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nyari finds sanity in road cycling and strength training and makes time for these activities to help her achieve balance.

The Talk

Investing in the Next Generation of Tech Talent

South Africa has the highest level of inequality in the world. At WeThinkCode, we encourage young innovators to believe in the possibility that a line of code can make theirs a more egalitarian society. In this talk, I reflect on building a training academy that celebrates diversity and inclusion to create maximum value. By training young South Africans as software developers, we are maximising the value of our country's human capital and unlocking the innovative capacity of the next generation of geeks.

A few words about the speaker

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

Lots of people in the world are trapped in poverty because they cannot afford quality education. At the same time, lots of companies worldwide are struggling to find skilled people to hire. This skills gap also causes many companies to struggle to build diverse teams.

Nyari Samushonga knows a lot about all those areas. She is taking action. She runs the school WeThinkCode_ in South Africa. They recruit diverse people into a software development academy that delivers quality training for free. The academy is creating exponential leverage. Graduates are hitting the ground running and thriving in the companies that are hiring them. Nyari’s work is also taking on several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals! Building a more inclusive and equitable world is not about giving people fish, it's about training them to be world class fishers!

She isn't just trying better than what I've seen. She is succeeding. You will find tips and inspiration for your own challenges by listening to and discussing with Nyari at myConf.