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Speaker announcement: Tony Gorschek

The time has come for the announcement of the final speaker at myConf 2023. Just as the best rock bands give the same name to the album as they do to one of its songs, Tony has titled his talk as we did the entirety of myConf: "Maximizing value". What a grand finale it will be!

About Tony

Tony Gorschek is a Professor of Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology - where he works as a research leader and scientist in close collaboration with industrial partners. He is also a senior scientist at fortiss Germany. Dr Gorschek has over fifteen years of industrial experience as a CTO, senior executive consultant and engineer. In addition, he is a serial entrepreneur – with five startups in fields ranging from logistics to internet-based services and database register optimization. Currently, he works as a research leader and in several research projects developing scalable, efficient and effective solutions in Requirements Engineering, Product Management, Value-based product development, and Real Agile™ and Lean product development and evolution. Dr Gorschek leads the SER1T profile (Software Engineering ReThought) - Sweden's largest software engineering research initiative, developing the next generation of applied empirical research movements to meet the challenges of the next generation of software-intensive products and services.

The talk

Maximizing value

"Value" is a commonly used term, especially in Agile/Lean environments. Independent of "flavour", you want to maximize "value". Associated with this, you want to eliminate waste. Ask yourself, what is value? Do you mean user value? What type? What about if you have huge "customer value", but your costs of development and maintenance are higher than you can charge? This seminar focuses on and discusses value as a concept, the complexity of value, and, more importantly, the potential of using value as a concept to focus on value-based product and service development - moving away from a cost-based focus. It also touches on the relationship between Value, Waste and Overhead.

A few words about the speaker

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

One reason we picked "Maximizing Value" as the theme of myConf this year is that I believe that when a certain action isn't just the right thing to do, but it's also the most profitable, then it will after a while "happen automatically". In my opinion, it's quite often the case that there is no conflict between good and value. We just need to learn.

Our next speaker at myConf, Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek, is a Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology as well as a serial entrepreneur. A common thread in all his work is the concept of value. That's also what his talk will be about. Have you ever found that some people have a hard time seeing the bigger picture beyond only cost? If so, this talk will be very helpful for your future discussions.

Ah, maybe he will bring back "Throughput Accounting" to attention? It's one of Goldratt's large selection of golden egg concepts, but an underutilized one in my opinion.

Tony is also running Sweden's largest research program for software engineering, a place where security has a strong stand. I suspect he will weave that into the talk as a bonus. After all, with weak security, no value creation.