Since we are running myConf in Karlskrona this year, maybe someone wonders why we picked that city? After all, it’s a part of Sweden you don’t come to unless you have a reason.

Well, one reason is that it’s a very nice place, not the least in the summer. In May it might be a bit chilly, but there will definitely be lots of light.

Jimmy: “Something like twenty years ago, I remember coming home from speaking at a conference in San Francisco and thinking that Karlskrona was as beautiful, why not run a conference here?

The town was founded 350 years ago and was the center of development then (because of building warships). Because of that, the town was added 1998 to Unesco’s list of world heritages. Maybe it will become the center again for some other reason? Probably possible, if the town wants to. Oh, during two days in May, it actually will! ;)

For our far away guests we asked the factor10 team for tips on what could be nice to do if you are in Karlskrona for a few days in May, for example if you bring the family and stay over the weekend.

  • Tim suggested seal safari. And ice cream at Glassiären of course, considered by some to be the best ice cream in Sweden. At least the largest.
  • Markus came up with the idea to take the ferry Axel to Nättraby for a fika. (Markus didn’t know at the time that Axel will help out transporting people for the dinner to another place, but it’s a nice family activity also for another day.)
  • Jimmy thought that a boat trip to Kungsholmen or Utklippan could be interesting?

Next myConf? Then we will help you explore another part of Sweden. :)